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The role of the doctor has changed - no longer being the ultimate source of information, but providing clarification and simplification so you are able to confidently take effective action.

At Alter Health, it is our specialty to provide the information, tools, resources, and inspiration so that YOU are empowered to be your own healer.

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At Alter Health, a foundation of Spiritual Psychology and Naturopathic Medicine shapes our philosophy towards health, healing, and life.

Spiritual Psychology is based on the principle that we are not human beings, but rather divine beings having a human experience. From this perspective we can relate with all experiences, from joyous celebrations to traumatic events, as opportunities for growth, learning, evolution, and healing. Spiritual psychology embraces the uniquely interwoven mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies that all influence physical health outcomes.

Naturopathic Medicine recognizes that each individual has within them a vital force that holds the wisdom to heal, or come into wholeness. The role of a naturopathic doctor is to support and facilitate the healing process within body through the application of therapies such as nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy. Working within the context of the therapeutic order (see below), we can use the minimal force necessary to reestablish wellness and optimal function of the body.

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"I had a consultation with Dr. Benjamin in January 2018 and can only describe it as life changing. At the time I was experiencing severe hormonal migraines, horrific menstrual issues, unrelenting exhaustion, and joint/muscle pains - along with an ongoing struggle to release excess weight. My conventional doctor had drawn a blank on what was happening in my body. My consultation with Dr. Benjamin was filled with compassion as I felt held and heard sharing the truth of just how unwell I felt. Dr. Benjamin's kindness, empathy, and knowledge led me to make some exciting new changes to my diet, exercise and meditation. Within 2 weeks my migraines were completely gone and my body pain was markedly improved. After 6 weeks, my periods were so much better. Now, 3 months later, I cannot believe how my health has improved! Everything is so much better and my excess weight is slowly but surely being released. I cannot recommend Dr. Benjamin highly enough."

Adele - Hull, United Kingdom

“I have been bringing my two sons to see Dr. Benjamin for support in healing severe chronic fatigue syndrome due to epstein barr virus. Both the boys (and me) experienced a great degree of emotional trauma and turmoil in the past couple years which seemed to definitely trigger this illness. Dr. Benjamin did a fantastic job of getting to the root of the infection with natural therapies. What’s more is Dr. Benjamin’s kindness and compassion in supporting my two boys through their emotional healing. Integrating the natural therapies with mind-body medicine is a real gift that has been profoundly effective in supporting my boys back to their healthy selves. Throughout this, Dr. Benjamin has always been very kind and supportive as me as well, their primary caregivers. He always offers great solutions to move through life with grace.”

Sheetal - India (now living in SF Bay Area)

“I've been working with Dr. Benjamin for years on random issues with skin rashes, mental health and nutrition. He has prescribed homeopathic remedies that have been really effective for some issues - even a severe poison ivy outbreak! I love how Dr. Benjamin always keeps things so simple and straightforward rather than complicating things with tons of supplements and products. The biggest impact Dr. Benjamin has had in my life is simply supporting me to calm down, listen to my body, and trust in the healing process.”

Bobbillee - Minneapolis, Minnesota



Make each meal your medicine.

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