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Drs. Benjamin and Susanna Alter... next generation healers

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna are devoted to health and healing on every level.

Meeting in medical school, there were many things that brought Drs. Benjamin and Susanna together. Health, healing, yoga, nature, spirituality, adventure - they share a common pursuit of truth in this world that fuels a passion for holistic wellness.

They have been perpetual students, always guided by the truth. Their unique studies have them both grounded in ancient healing traditions while being fully adept with the latest technology.

Maybe most unique is their connection with the art and science of what is known as spiritual psychology. Such awareness invites an elevated perspective of health and life, viewing all in the light as opportunity for growth and learning. Maintaining this connection is a practice that cultivates deepened peace, love, and fulfillment in this life.

All symptoms - physical, mental, or emotional - are messages from the body. Drs. Benjamin and Susanna believe knowing that piece of truth is important, and opens an opportunity for deepened relationship with oneself to support the healing process.

Drs. Benjamin and Susanna are committed to providing the support and resources to empower you throughout your healing process as you realize your optimal potential. By providing information and inspiration they naturally promote the holistic transformation of your health, and the health of our planet.

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