A 4th Macronutrient: The key to health that 95% of people lack


If all of society’s health problems could be boiled down to one single ingredient, don’t you think we should focus on it?   I hope your answer is a clear yes like mine is.   Now hang with me while we explore the root cause of the health epidemic in our world today, along with…

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The Truth About Protein


  Let’s start with a little true or false quiz.       T/F – You need lots of protein to build muscles. T/F – If you don’t get enough protein, you’ll be weak and frail. T/F – You need to eat meat to get a complete protein. T/F – If you are vegan/plant based, food…

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The Truth About Fat


Eating fat is super hip and trendy – and it has been for quite some time! There has been a surplus of new information advocating high fat low carb diets for weight loss, as well as for the treatment of various diseases, from diabetes, to heart disease, to cancer. Many sources even say that eating…

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The Truth About Carbs


A “carb” or “carbohydrate” is a word that is thrown around recklessly in the world of nutrition. It is true that carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients that we find in food. Along with protein and fat, carbohydrates are a fuel source utilized by the body. I do appreciate simplicity and minimalism, and certainly…

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Simplifying Healthy Eating – Is It Possible?


Paleo, Plant-based, Ketogenic, Macrobiotic, Mediterranean, Blood type, Fruitarian, Raw, Raw Til 4, Starch Solution, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, High-carb-low-fat, Low-carb-high-fat, DASH, GAPS, SCD, FODMAPS…Ah! There are so many diets in the world, and this is just a short list. Just take a peruse down the nutrition section of any bookstore and you’ll see the immense amount…

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Stuffed Monster Summer Squash


Do you ever wonder what to do with the giant monster zucchinis that are ready for harvest in mid-late summer? After making zucchini bread, zucchini fritter (oil free of course), sauteed zucchini, and SO many zoodles, what else is there to make? How about a giant stuffed zucchini?   Recipe: Makes 4 servings   Ingredients:…

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Thinking My Way Into Health


When I was 21 years old, and in my last year of college in Colorado, I developed what most naturopathic doctors would diagnose as chronic fatigue system and SIBO or leaky gut. I was experiencing abdominal pain, debilitating joint pain, and fatigue from morning to night. When conventional medicine failed to help me, I turned…

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Discover your hidden superpower: an intro to multidimensional healing


Let me start by sharing a bit of an intimate story, if I may… Several years ago, I suffered significant emotional pain – a real heartbreak. I spent some days deeply processing these emotions, getting to the root of disturbance. I let myself feel the full extent of the pain that was present, the grief.…

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Men have hormones too!


OK, so that is probably not news to you. AND, you probably know how important these hormones are to your health. But, did you know 1 in 4 men over 30 years old have low testosterone? Did you know men’s sperm counts have declined by an average of 60% worldwide in the last 40 years?…

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